Audio Syndicate is a Portland cover band playing the best songs from Alternative Rock, Indie, Brit-pop and more. Members of Portland’s Indie rock scene including founder Paul Tyo (guitar/vocals), Drew Nixon (lead vocals), Troy Nixon (guitar/vocals), Joey Donohue (bass) and Keith Fleming (drums) assembled a modern take on the cover band, rejecting the usual classic rock fare in favor of Indie, Alternative rock and BritPop favorites from the 70’s through today. Watch the video set list, m’K?

Songs from bands as diverse as The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Phoenix, U2 and Blur are featured. Audio Syndicate’s unique style draws on the sounds and influences of some of the area’s best original rock bands. A sampling of current and past projects include smash bandits, Yo Adrian!, blare, Nordic, Dorian Crush, Knife & Son, Weak Stream, The Defenestration of Prague, Vicker Vymie, Shrill, Liquid and Hemmit.


Portland Cover Band Audio Syndicate

Drew Nixon – Lead Vocals
Paul Tyo – Guitar
Troy Nixon – Guitar
Joey Donohue – Bass
Keith Fleming – Drums

Contact us for your next Event, Party, Rock Wedding or Bash: AudioSyndicatePDX AT gmailDOTcom